Xical 2 Features (upcoming release)

better load debugging and referencing of document error position / no hanging on dead links
independent, automatic internal scene numbering
externally loaded visuals
postion elvos/elmos according to the reference elvos in the visuals rather than by numerical _x/_y positioning
make a proper menu object as base reference for the entire presentation, call scenes by generated scene number rather that scene titles. Which, right now must be unique in order to work properly - a bad hack. Unique scene titles are good style, but Xical shouldn't depend on them to work properly. (this one relates to the scene numbers problem)
extended communication with server side apps, (multiple choice results, etc.)
auto-play (move on when scene-sound is finished and next scene is loaded)

Proposed Post 2.0 Features

Basic colors editable from outside (XML File)
Different navigation bars (variants)
Visual 'kits' and themes / Layoutvariants, chooseable by the user
Variant aspect ratios
Flash-lite version of Xical for PDAs (with own aspect ratios and visuals/themes)

More Proposed Features

XML based visuals and layouts (swf independent)
Extended Xical functionality (application simulation and tutorial functions with active hinting)
Elvo-based bash-emulator for linux/os-x/unix tutorials (seperate project?)